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3.-24.6.\ EVS program
We are hosting 10 EVS volunteers. They are helping us out with the preparations for the Ljubljana Pride 2016.

Workshopping with Kvartir
9. 6.\ 16.00\ Koper\ Pina

16. 6.\ 16.00\ Maribor\ MKC Pekarna

Unfolding the rainbow – forms of attraction
Lately an increased number of LGBT+ identities have gained visibility and we are going to take a closer look at different kinds of attraction to find out how new words for them can help us better understand ourselves and each other. We are also going to focus on the importance of awareness about the diversity of identities and attractions, and communicating about them with our partners.

8.-9. 6.\ 20.00\ Stara Elektrarna\ Play replay\

Interpretation of dreams of Alexander McQueer

14., 15. 6.\ Klub Tiffany\ Cabaret Tiffany >>>
Get ready for… >>>




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