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In the beginning was a homophobic crime. And LGBT community reacted. In the morning hours of 28 June 1969, the police irrupted into Stonewall, a bar in New York, in order to conduct a routine raid among the visitors, lesbians, gays and transsexual people. But not this time, for this time the people resisted the raid and systemic violence. And revolt led to organised movement and a community.
Ljubljana: On 8 June 2011 a security guard of Cafe Galerija in the City Art Gallery prevents two gay poets – Brane Mozetič and Jean-Paul Daoust – from entering the cafe, explaining that “we will just have to get used to the fact that this bar is not for that kind of people”. A month later, on 6 July 2011, the LGBT community and its supporters organised a demonstration “Bypass past intolerance”. It was the first Ljubljana Pride.
The Stonewall revolt against police raid on 28 June 1969 was started by a butch lesbian. While the police officers were dragging her towards a police van, and the astounded, until then still passive crowd was staring, she yelled to them: “Why don’t you guys do something!” To do something was a move which changed history. Let us keep changing it.
Welcome to the Ljubljana Pride 2016.


10.00\ Novi trg\ Presentations of LGBT+ organisations\ Public reading of the whole anthology Brez besed ji sledim

17.00\ AKC Metelkova\ Pre-parade gathering\

18.00\ Masarykova-Slovenska-Novi trg\ Parade (Dj Snupee, Dj Duki, Dj Vlad)

19.00\ Novi trg\ Borghesia (SI)\ Žen (HR)\ Salome\ Jim Hubbard\ speakers\ DJ program

23.00\ Klub Monokel, Klub Tiffany\ Party


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The event is organised under honorary patronage of Zoran Janković, Mayor of Ljubljana; Clubs Tiffany and Monokel; and Tanja Fajon (S&D), MEP, by the financial support of The S&D Group – Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament;

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