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We will screen a short documentary, I want to have a choice (Women Space, SRB, 2016), which discusses the relativity of choice from the perspective of 11 Roma girls. In the form of a public performance, these young Roma women question whether they even have a choice when their every step is marked by racism. The authors do not agree to comply with these restrictions; instead, their core question is regarding how to exist in a society which is in no way molded for them.




After the film, Nina Dragičević will sit in a conversation with Vera Kurtić, executive coordinator of Women Space (Niš, SRB), a Roma lesbian/feminist and the authoress of a book Džuvljarke: Lesbian exsistence of Roma women. Through a presentation of this pioneer work, interlaced with personal stories of Roma lesbians, we will be asking questions such as: Who are džuvljarke? How does racism manifest in the lives of Roma lesbians? How is a specific identity formed in invisibility? How do institutions (not) carry out their functions, and last but not least, what will the future be like?

The programme will take place as a part of the monthly Coffee house evenings at Klub Tiffany.

After the programme, the Coffee house evenings will treat us with a concert of Trio NEduo, a band known to the local crowd, though they will be performing for the first time under this new name. Band members: Špela (guitar), Janja (violin), Ana (saxophone).


The event is organised under honorary patronage of Ivo Vajgl (Alde/ DeSUS), MEP, by the financial support of ALDE Group – Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe in the European Parliament

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