For Volunteering Coordinators and Mentors

Interested in supporting young LGBTIQ+ people and creating a safer space of your organisation?

What are the advantages of LGBTIQ+ volunteering over volunteering »for everyone«?

Want to receive promotional materials that appeal to LGBTIQ+ youth?

Young LGBTIQ+ people are at an increased risk of social exclusion. Most organisations are not adequately equipped to work with LGBTIQ+ youth despite having LGBTIQ+ volunteers or users. In spaces where young people spend their free time (such as youth centers or other youth-related activities), less than 40% of young LBGTIQ+ people are out and 14% report sometimes or often fearing for their safety in these spaces. This in addition to high rates peer violence, discrimination and rejection makes it clear that young LGBTQI+ people require understanding and support to be included in volunteering.

The Pride Parade Association runs workshops carried out by trainers in the our trainer pool by request. For more information, contact us at info@ljubljanapride.org.

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