Transgender Day of Visibility – TDoV

On March 31st the Transgender Day of Visibility (TDoV) is celebrated around the world.

What is the Transgender Day of Visibility?

TDoV is the day when we show our support to the transgender community. The purpose of this day is to draw attention to the achievements of transgender people around the world. This is the day of the empowerment of transgender people and their well-deserved recognition!

The Transgender Day of Visibility is dedicated to celebrating transgender people and raising awareness about discrimination against them. The TDoV was established in 2009 in the USA in response to the lack of LGBTIQ+ holidays. You can read more about the history of TDoV on the link: http://transgriot.blogspot.si/2010/02/whats-transgender-day-of-visibility.html and http://www.transstudent.org/tdov – website organizations that take care of holiday promotion.

This year’s issue of transgender personality is #TransResistance. In an increasingly transphobic political climate, we must use the newly acquired visibility and mobilize with transgender persons in the fight against oppression. Speaking loudly and publicly, to be active and to educate is crucial for the safety and existence of transgender people. It is imperative to take action against transphobia! The recognition of the transgender community and its achievements is crucial in obtaining justice not only for transgender persons, but for all people who live in oppression and social inequalities.

For anyone who wants to actively participate in the fight for trans rights, you can visit:

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