Short-term ESC / volunteering call | June 2019

Short-term ESC / volunteering call | June 2019

Duration: 1 month, June 2019
Location: Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Destined to: LGBTIQ+ people (18-30 years old) with a strong interest in LGBTIQ+ organisations, topics and politics

Description: volunteers will be involved in the implementation of the program of the Pride Festival 2019. The volunteers will be included in the organising team and will be able to experience first hand what it is like to be part of the organisation of a Pride Festival and the parade.

Typical tasks of the volunteer include:
• Technical + logistical support during and after each event
• Hospitality for festival guests and logistical support
• Building the scenography and visual material for the parade
• Communication and promotion of events on social media
• Being part of one or more organisational sub-teams like catering or video

Participants will gain competences in:
• Group work
• Working in a multicultural environment
• Communication, technical and logistical competences
• Learning about project management (ex. how to manage smaller one-day events like exhibitions and parties)
• In depth understanding of the festival topics (LGBTIQ+, anti-racism, feminism, intersectionality, hate speech transformation, anti bullying…)

The project includes:
• Paid accommodation
• Covered food expenses and pocket money
• Travel to and from Ljubljana
• Covered local cost related to work tasks
• Mentoring and Youthpass certificate

We have 15 places available for a mixture of volunteers coming from Slovenia and other countries of EU (legal residency in an EU country required).

How to apply: send us your CV and motivation letter, and tell us why you would like to volunteer at Ljubljana Pride!

Contact: evs@ljubljanapride.org or info@ljubljanapride.org

Društvo Parada Ponosa // Pride Parade Association, Dunajska cesta 10, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia.


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