Press conference and Ela Xora exhibition opening


On Friday, June 9th, the Pride Parade Festival will begin in various locations around Ljubljana, which will end on Saturday, June 17th, with a traditional pride parade.

This year’s festival, titled Uncovering the Invisible, will penetrate into the pores of social structures and break down the most invisible, marginalized and unpleasant realities of LGBTIQ+ lives, as terrifying data show that half of all young LGBTIQ+ people in the street feel at risk, more than thirty percent report on the experience of violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation. Over the course of the festival, more than 15 different events will take place over eight days, including film projections, exhibitions, discussions and concerts. The festival, which starts on Friday, June 9th, and concludes with the parade on Saturday, June 17th, is also being organized this year by the Ljubljana Pride Association.

“Invisible is everything that is not talked about, that is a taboo, that does not fit or that about which we just do not know anything about. With the Pride Parade this year, we highlight peer violence in schools over young gays, lesbians and transgender persons. We are highlighting the situation of LGBTIQ people who are homeless and the lack of security networks, such as safe houses for LGBTIQ youth or retirement homes that are LGBTIQ friendly. We also highlight the topic of intersex people – people born with undefined genitalia, or with both men and women’s genitalia, and our healthcare system most often surgically treats children who are intersex, yet healthy, with these people suffering very serious consequences. All these topics and the life situations of LGBTIQ people need to be highlighted and paid attention, as we find that public institutions in different areas as health, education and social areas simply do not make positive steps in this area,” explained Simona Muršec, president of the Pride Parade Association.

You can read the political message of this year’s Pride Parade here:

Political message

“We have the ability to express ourselves, and this gives us an obligation to use it. The Pride Parade gives us both. The privilege that we can speak and at the same time the duty to use this privilege – and we are heard,” said Lovro Centrih, a member of the Pride Parade Association and together with Mihela Medved creator of this year’s visual image of the festival, marked by yellow color.


The official opening of the festival will start with the documentary film Bones of Contention, from internationally acclaimed director Andrea Weiss. The film explores the historical memory of post-Francoist Spain and reveals the stories of LGBT people, including the story of the most famous Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca. The movie has become a symbol of both historical memory and the Spanish LGBT movement.

As part of the festival, Kitty Anderson, president of Intersex Iceland, will come to Slovenia from Iceland. Through a moderated conversation on June 13th in Pritličje, we will inform the public about the concept and reality of intersex people and will open the topics on legal, social, cultural, medical and other aspects of the integration of intersex people.

During the festival, an exhibition of the British multidisciplinary artist Ela Xora will be on display. The Timeout magazine described it as fascinating, extremely charismatic and totally distinctive. At this exhibition we will see a selection of her most important works, especially from the series The Captured Androgyny, Metaportraits: Androgynous Superstars and the collection of precious metal masks made of pure silver, called Pure 999 Silver Masks.

The entire festival program can be found here:


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