HERE WE ARE! LGBTQ+ Histories, Culture and Lives

The “HERE WE ARE! LGBTQ+ Histories, Culture and Lives” Festival took place in Maribor from the 7.-9. November 2018. Organized by the three EVS Volunteers of Pekarna Mreže the festival consisted of several events held in the evening of each day. The first night was a rainbow travelogue in which the presenters talked about the topic what it means to be an LGBT+ traveller, challenging travellers a stereotypical view of a country and offer a more in-depth political and critical view. In the second evening the short animation ‘Abeo’ and the movie ‘God’s own country’ were shown, being followed by a discussion round about the topics the movies portrayed. ‘Abeo, which was awarded a special mention in Stop Trik’s Borderlands Competition, tells the hard-hitting story of two immigrants crossing the border from Mexico to the USA. Set on an isolated farm in Yorkshire, Gods Own Country tells the gritty love story of Johnny, a young struggling sheep farmer, and Gheorghe, a Romanian immigrant.’ The closure of the festival consisted of a roundtable discussion between Mitja Blažič from Legebitra, Tanja Veber from Maribor skozi rožnata očala, Linn Julian Koletnik from TransAkcija, and Nataša Sukič from ŠKUC LL talking about the LGBT+ rights situation and the struggle for them in Slovenia, being followed by a discussion with the audience. After that, there happened several performances from poetry to singing by local LGB artists. Each event was well visited by several people from the region and abroad.

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