Storytelling training for LGBTIQ+ youth

Are you a young LGBTIQ + person who wants to share their story with others? Want to reach, inspire and empower your listeners? Want to break the stereotypes and prejudices they have about the LGBTIQ + community?

Ljubljana Pride Association has learned through experience that opening up new topics is of no more interest to the audience than a personal experience. This allows them to connect with the person they are listening to and put themselves in their shoes. This is what makes storytelling possible, and with it we can open a variety of topics in a way that is accessible to listeners and reach them with our story.

If you want to learn the storytelling techniques, attend our 4-day LGBTIQ+ youth camp. Participants will learn tools to rework and verbalize their experiences, and through that you will gain knowledge and methods to share your story with others.

The training will be led by a young team of trainers and volunteers from the Ljubljana Pride Association, who have been training for this purpose in recent months. For four days, from August 22 to 25, 2019, we will go to the CŠOD Rak in Rakov Škocjan, where you can enjoy nature in the free moments. The camp will also feature a “safe person” who will provide personal support to anyone who needs it.

Unfortunately, the location is not accessible to people using a stroller.

Apply by filling out this form.

You can find all the information related to the registration and implementation of the training here.

Posted on: Mlad.si

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