We are also part of the community

We are also part of the community

“We are also part of the community” project is intended for all those who encounter multiple discrimination, as well as for the organisations whose participants, members and users are people with different marginalised and opressed identites.  

The goals are the empowerment of LGBTIQ + people who can not live their sexual orientation / identity, because the other “marginal identity” is the primary one and are therefore in great danger of even greater exclusion and isolation; and making clear recommendations for organizations, both LGBT and others, how to tailor their programs, communication strategies and the operating environment in order to make their work inclusive.

Over the past two years, the Pride Parade Association has been working to systematically address the needs of the most marginalized groups of LGBTIQ+ community, including LGBTIQ + refugees and migrants, LBQ Roma people, LGBT homeless people, intersex and others.

The program was created on the basis of a need assessment among the users of the Pride Parade Association, based on a survey among young LGBTIQ + persons aged between 15 and 30, carried out by the Pride in 2017 (a sample of over 600 people), and on the basis of identified needs between LGBTIQ + organizations.

The main activities focus on creating a support group for all those who face daily oppression and discrimination of different identities and the creation of safe/safer spaces.

The project has been implemented since 2018 and is financed by MOL Sociala – the City of Ljubljana.

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