Transforming Hate

Project: SAFER (Schools Act For Equal Rights)

The objective of this project is to collect existing best practices and develop and share concrete means and measures to tackle hate speech, violence and social exclusion in schools, consequentially building the capacity of teachers to transform hate, mistrust and conflicts in their work.

The project will last 3 years and it has 6 partners from Finland, Estonia and Slovenia. The partners are direct basic education providers such as schools and educational department of municipalities, as well as organisations working in teacher training and school cooperation on the topic of conflict transformation and equality.

The project activities include:

  1. Training of teachers.
  2. Building a mentoring framework for teachers tackling violent behaviour and hate speech and managing conflicts and promoting equality in their work in order to provide them needed support to have the skills, competences and confidence to act constructively
  3. Co-create a training curriculum for teachers.
  4. Develop an open online learning course.
  5. Toolkit to support teachers in their work.
  6. Facilitate and support local interventions on school level and create case studies and model for sustainable and constructive participatory interventions in transforming operational culture and wellbeing of pupils and students.


Training for teachers in Brežice (2019)

Photos: Matti Pihlajamaa



Project: Transformation of Hate Speech in Youth Work

The purpose of the project “Transforming of Hate Speech in Youth Work” is to equip youth workers and other persons working with youth groups with methodological approaches of hate speech transformation. The project follows 5 key objectives:

  1. To equip a team of 5 youth trainers from each partner organisation in the field of “Hate Speech Transformation”. Key importance lies in the profile of the youth trainers, who themselves are people with marginalised and/or minority backgrounds.
  2. To equip each partner organisation with a training strategy that will allow for an expert and sustainable approach towards the addressing and prevention of hate speech in the youth sector in each participating country.
  3. To develop a manual for youth workers (useful for anyone working with youth groups in which hate speech occurs) that will methodologically equip them for tackling hate speech in their work with youth trough transformative approaches.
  4. To develop a one day training workshop for youth workers that will be implemented by the youth trainers capacitated in this project, during which the youth workers will gain the competences of hate speech transformation with youth
  5. To develop a manual for youth organisations, organisations working with young people, schools and other organisations that work with groups of young people, that will guide them towards the establishment of an internal organisational strategy and capacity building process for the establishment of “safe space from hate speech and hateful behavior”.

The project will, within 16 months, train 15 youth trainers from marginalised backgrounds, capacitate 480 youth workers and have an impact on 9600 young people within the 3 partner countries: Slovenia, Ireland and Finland. It will have an important impact on the development of the youth sector in the field of hate speech transformation. With that, it will make a long-term contribution towards the social inclusion of marginalised youth and towards fighting racism, homophobia, xenophobia and other forms of intolerances and discrimination.


“Part of the pool of trainers of the Ljubljana Pride asociation spent time in Finland on the project Transformation of Hate Speech in Youth Work. The trainers, in collaboration with project participants from Ireland and Finland, among others, they was writing a manual and preparing training for youth workers, attended a sauna and jumped into the lake.”

Photo: Neja Berlič




Project: Outside In – Transforming Hate

The project is being implemented in cooperation with five European non-governmental organizations from Finland, Portugal, Ireland, Slovenia and Scotland, offering to youth workers a carefully prepared and in practice tested tools for alternative responding to hate speech in the processes of youth work and non-formal education. The project follows the belief that direct confrontation and/or exclusion of people using hate speech in the context of youth activities are inadequate and non-constructive reactions, and therefore wants to offer alternative tools that will combine the experience of individual organizations in working with marginalized youth groups – methods, procedures and guidelines, which will enable young workers to address and resolve conflicts and the emergence of hostile speech among young people in a sustainable way. It also raises awareness of the project and informs it of hate speech and related phenomena.

Through the development and expansion of tangible methods, means and measures in youth work, the project strengthens youth workers in order to confront hate speech they encounter. It encourages young people to participate in a social environment with a transformative approach – engaging and involving young people who produce hate speech will help to prevent their radicalization and/or entry into extremist groups and gangs. If youth organizations active throughout Europe were actively engaged in the transformation of hate speech, young people who produce hate speech could be adequately challenged and encouraged to reflect on their own positions and enable them to develop respectful attitudes towards diversity.

On project completion, the results will be used to create an online platform for youth workers. In this way, the project aims at disseminating good practices and transformative approaches to hate speech as well as at preventing youth radicalization by social inclusion.


The project is a strategic partnership implemented under the ERASMUS + Youth in Action programme.

For more information about the project, please contact us at info@ljubljanapride.org.

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