Here we are! We act together.


Here we are! We act together. is a structured dialogue project for all LGBTIQ+ young people between the age of 16 and 30.

Structured dialogue is an instrument that allows young people to directly engage with those responsible for youth policy, through participation in civil society and the system of representative democracy.

By participating in a structured dialogue process, we would like to empower young people with the skill of creating joint proposals needed tackle and solve problems they face, as well as with the know-how needed to present and defend their proposals. The project also fosters a sense of self-respect and reduces the felling of social exclusion in LGBTIQ+ younth.


The project consists of:

  • Online surveys, which will offer us an insight into the on-the-ground state of experiences of violence and discrimination among young LGBTIQ+ people in Slovenia. You can complete the survey HERE!
  • Consultation with LGBTIQ+ youth which will enable us to develop proposals for solutions and improvements.
  • Meetings between young LGBTIQ+ people and decision-makers, where decision-makers will be presented with policy suggestions with the aim that they act on them.
  • Advocacy training which will equip young LGBTIQ + with skills to advocate for their own needs, interests and suggestions in future processes.

Project is supported by Erasmus+ Youth in Action (www.mva.si).

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