Culture of Humiliation

The project Culture of Humiliation consists of two parts: online campaigns and exhibitions, accompanied by interactive workshops. The main goal of the project is to raise awareness about the causes and consequences of peer violence online and offline, experienced by young people because of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity and expression.

The offline part of the project consists of poster art exhibitions and interactive workshops in high schools and youth centers.

The art works that are exhibited are works of young artists who use art to share their own experiences of violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation. Art is a universal language of emotion and an excellent vehicle of social change in the general public as well as for empowering targets of discrimination and intimidation. Each opening of the exhibition will be accompanied by the story of a person who has faced peer violence based on sexual orientation and/or gender identity and expression. Interactive workshops are aimed at all young people and at victims and witnesses of violence.



By focusing not only on victims of violence, but also on witnesses, the project goes beyond individual victims and bullies to highlight the wider social context the violence is rooted in. The project also aims to prevent violence by raising awareness.

The online part of the project is a social media campaign, which uses similar content as exhibitions and workshops. Its aim is to raise awareness about the consequences caused by intimidation and creating a secure virtual space for exchanging and sharing stories and experiences of discrimination, harassment, intimidation, as well as empowering victims to overcome them.

Within the project, we are working with two global campaigns, the #itgetsbetter campaign from the USA and theNo soy tu chiste” campaign by Daniela Arzole from Venezuela/Chile. Daniela Arzola’s works are also part of our exhibition.

The exhibition mainly consists of the works of our member and artist Antoni Karadzoski (Macedonia), who found inspiration in Arzola’s work and created his series of posters. Karadzoski’s works take us through his expirience with peer violence.



Interview with Antonij Karadzoski

Link to the website of the humiliation culture https://www.cultureofhumiliation.org/.

The project was facilitated by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe (https://fej.coe.int/).