Pride Parade Festival

The Pride Parade Festival has been organized around our experience with the Slovene LGBTIQ+ community and the need to represent them. It is designed as a cultural and political festival, expressing social criticism through art, culture, musical production and public discussions with the aim to mainstream LGBTIQ+ concerns in Slovenia.

The festival takes place in the last week of June and ends with the Pride Parade. It is held in Ljubljana, combining and representing the cultural production of the LGBTIQ+ community at the national level. The festival aims to open up unaddressed topics within the LGBTIQ+ community and to critique social structures and institutions that fail to act against discrimination.

Every year the festival offers a rich international program, hosting renowned LGBTIQ+ activists and artists, and placing their work in the Slovene context.


Festival program 2019

Festival program 2018


Festival program 2017

Festival program 2016