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International volunteers have been part of our activities since 2016, mostly through European Solidarity Corps programs (formerly European Voluntary Service). As of 2019, we have hosted 33 volunteers on a short-term exchange and 7 long-term exchanges (3 people for 6 months and 4 people for 12 months).


Send an e-mail to info@ljubljanapride.org with the subject line »Volunteering« and a brief introduction of yourself and how you would like to help.

Read what they said about volunteering for Ljubljana Pride in their testimonials:

Avraam (31, Greece)

Last September, I was worried about what will happen in my life next year, what will I do, where will I be. This kind of thoughts come on mind when you are 30 and you still have plenty of wishes to be fulfilled. I had a proposal for a job in Lisbon, but I chose to refuse. I wanted to make European Solidarity Corps (ESC) a priority, as you can only do it once in your life until the age of 30. So, being myself 30 was the last chance to do it. The only thing I already knew was that I want to leave my country, Greece.

Read the whole article here.

Marta (29, Portugal)

At Ljubljana Pride I got the opportunity to develop my own knowledge in photo and video editing. This is something that I have been wanting to do for a long time, so I am glad that they have trusted me so much at Ljubljana Pride that I was given the responsibility to carry out various events. I also learned a lot about the LGBTIQ + community in general and here in Slovenia. I was confronted with a different reality than the one I lived in Portugal. With the rest of the volunteers, I have the freedom to suggest different activities and topics for discussion, through our weekly “Pride Connects”.

Read the whole article on: Mlad.si

Niki (25, Slovenia)

“Doing ESC in Ljubljana, even as a lifelong resident of this city, has really transformed it into an international environment for a month. Meeting and working with people of such different backgrounds has enabled me to see situations of other Prides and communities and understand a broader European context of lgbtiq activism.”

Chara (27, Greece)

“I had the interview for the short term ESC in Drustvo Parada Ponosa 2 weeks before the project would start so I had to make up my mind quick. I kind of had to quit my job to dot it, but I have to tell you I am not regretting it and I don’t think I will. 

The moment I set foot in Ljubljana, and it was 2am on a Sunday, I fell in love with it. The same happened when I stepped in Metelkova and was mesmerised by the million colours that I saw. 

When people from Parada ponosa started explaining how Pride works in Ljubljana, I felt like this Pride is closer to my needs and wishes. And it was. DIY, political, happy, inclusive. I couldn’t have asked for more.

I don’t know how to promote things, to be honest, but Ljubljana as a destination and Ljubljana Pride as an ESC experience will surely carer to your existential crisis needs, and I say that from experience.

Daniel (25, Finland)

“I’m Daniel, turned 25 while here, and from Finland. To say that my time here has been an experience, would be greatly undermining it. I’ve never really been abroad, and to immediately jump into something like this was kind of a shock, and to be honest a bit scary. But I really had nothing to worry about. Learning the city and getting to know people has been really nice, and everyone has been super helpful, I’ve never had to be alone with my problems. For me the reason why I wanted to ESC here, was because the cause is important to me, and I wanted to see the difference between Helsinki Pride and Ljubljana Pride. Because in Finland it’s more commercial, and here it is actually political.

If you have the chance to do something like this, DO IT. It can be a scary thought, but the reward is way higher than that, and you’ll have memories of it forever.”

Karolína (22, Czech republic)

It was my pleasure to be part of volunteering team this year in Ljubljana.

Katja (25, Slovenia)

Na društvu Parada ponosa Ljubljana sem bila aktivna že prej, zato sem si lažje predstavljala, kako bo potekal paradni mesec in moje ESE prostovoljstvo v tem času. Moja pričakovanja so bila vseeno presežena, predvsem zaradi oseb, ki sem jih spoznala in sem imela z njimi priložnost delati ter ustvarjati letošnji festival. Mislim, da sem se v tem mesecu veliko naučila in dobila vpogled v zakulisje priprave festivala ter v vso potrebno trdo delo. Poleg tega imam občutek, da sem s svojim delom veliko pripomogla k festivalu in da je bil moj trud prepoznan. Vesela sem tudi, ker sem se ob vsem paradnem kaosu še zmeraj uspela veliko zabavati in družiti z super osebami, ki sem jih spoznala.

Emma (20, Sweden)

I wanted to become a ESC volunteer for Ljubljana Pride, because I was attracted to the organisation’s values and ways. In Ljubljana Pride there is politics, solidarity, a will to change and friendship, things I’ve been missing while being a part of Stockholm Pride. I’m glad to say that I’m not disappointed in that regard. I’ve learnt a lot through workshops and seminars, intersectionality has been constantly present, most people I’ve met are activists in different fields and I have made friends that I would never have met without this project. After almost a month in the city, I feel like I’m already a part of the queer scene. Being a part of something this important gives you a sense of purpose, as well as a great time and meaningful relationships. It’s truly been a memorable time! Thank you for this experience!

Lana (22, Slovenia)

This whole Pride month, being an ESC volunteer for Ljubljana Pride, was eventful, sometimes exhausting, but a really different and unforgettable experience. It’s hard to sum it up in a few sentences when so many things happened over the course of the past few weeks.

Overall, if you want to learn how to bring intersectionality into your activist work, expand and improve your perceptions of inclusivity and meet amazing, loving new people, be it the guests, the team or other volunteers, this program and Ljubljana Pride more than delivers.

Evgen (22, Slovenia)

Hi there people, my name is Evgen and I’m from Slovenia. For me this was a great opportunity and experience to get in contact with LGBT+ community. At the beginning I was a bit sceptical but in the end everything turned out great. I am very happy for meeting new people who taught me new things and showed me different aspects  to the whole overview of Pride association and everything that comes with it. I would like to show the concept to other people and show them that we are equal and deserve a fair chance to be heard.

Aphrodite (Greece)

Here in Ljubljana as part of Ljubljana pride, I felt complete. It was a rollercoaster of emotions, fulfilling and hard work, a way to get out of my mind and feel connected to people -the rest of the volunteers and queer people of Ljubljana.

I was part of the merch team, so for the first time in my life, I had to be friendly to strangers. Not my strongest suit. Weirdly enough, I quite enjoyed it. In a matter of 3 weeks I could greet people I met at the merch kiosk, whether they were residents of the city or just passing by. Also, being actively involved in banner making, stapling, painting, gluing stuff together felt like being part of our own LGBTQIA+ revolution. 

Alvaro (28, Spain)

My name is Alvaro, I am 28 years old and I am from Madrid. In Spain, we are very lucky because we have many rights for LGBTQIA+ community, so it was really interesting to have the chance to participate in Ljubljana Pride 2019. I had the opportunity to see how the activism is there and what the main requirements are.  

Comparing with Pride in Madrid, the one in Ljubljana is really small, but during the march you can feel like you are part of a small family. I also performed on Pride’s stage with Avraam (Pride’s long term volunteer) making a statement about fat positivity. That moment was so powerful and also a great experience for me. 

People in Ljubljana were amazing and the Pride team was really helpful; they were always available for whatever we needed. I just want to say, thank you sLOVEnia.

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