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PRIDE CONNECTS: Non-Monogamy Support Group

12. January od 18:0020:00
Pride Connects is organising a Non-Monogamy Peer-to-Peer Support Group with the topic of jealousy.
This event will take place on Tuesday, 12th January, from 18:00 to 20:00. To register, please send an email to 📧 asja@ljubljanapride.org.
It sometimes feels like jealousy is the most talked-about thing when it comes to thinking about organising our relationships in non-monogamous ways. Yet, somehow, it seems that the literature on it doesn’t always succeed in addressing the full extent of the awfulness it can bring with it and it often feels that the remedies it offers don’t go beyond a kind of independent self-reliance that doesn’t work for everybody. As queer people and as people with multiple intersecting marginalised identities, we can often face obstacles that are different from those addressed in the mainstream discussions on non-monogamy. This peer-to-peer support group aims to create a space for us to vent, complain, rage, offer validation, and try to share and come up with new ways of dealing with these hard feelings.
This event is aimed at, though not exclusive to, people who have experience or interest in non-monogamy. The topic will, however, be approached from a non-monogamy perspective.
The event will be in English.
With ‘Pride Connects’, we strive to connect the local LGBTIQ+ youth, activists, and all those interested in the political side of Pride(s) and LGBTIQ+ Human Rights Struggles in Slovenia and across the world.
We know that being an openly LGBTIQ+ person and existing in any public space is a political act, and we know it is not easy – so we want to create a safe(r) space for all LGBTIQ+ people and a place of empowerment.

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12. January


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