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PRIDE CONNECTS: Accountability and Shame

23. February od 18:0020:00
Pride Connects is organising a workshop on the topic of accountability and shame.
This event will take place online on Tuesday, 23rd of February, from 6 to 8pm. To register, please send an email to asja@ljubljanapride.org.
The past two Pride Connects events we have been talking about the ways in which we in the queer and activist communities currently approach conflict and thinking about how we can make those ways less harmful both to the individuals involved and the community as a whole. In this process, we have looked at what we can learn from transformative justice practices and what conditions might be necessary to be ensured in order to build healthier communities. In continuing this vein of inquiry, the upcoming Pride Connects will look at the affect of shame: what is it, how we feel it, what to do about it.
Transformative justice practitioners often single out shame as one of the biggest obstacles to taking accountability. When we are told that we have done something that is not in alignment with our values and sense of self, we often enter into a shame spiral that, on a physiological level, prevents the nuanced and attentive thinking that is required in an accountability and repair process. This is why the shame-based tactics we often see used in order to demand accountability from someone do not work; as Mia Mingus and others often point out, “We need to move away from ‘holding people accountable’ and instead support people to proactively take accountability for themselves.”
In this workshop, we want to take a small step in the direction of creating conditions for proactive accountability by trying to educate ourselves on how we, both as people who have been harmed and as people who have harmed others, can be affected by shame, how to move through the feeling of it and what place it has or doesn’t have within our conflict-resolution strategies.
This event will be in English and is open to anyone with an interest in the topic, regardless of whether you have attended the previous Pride Connects events.
With ‘Pride Connects’, we strive to connect the local LGBTIQ+ youth, activists, and all those interested in the political side of Pride(s) and LGBTIQ+ Human Rights Struggles in Slovenia and across the world. We know that being an openly LGBTIQ+ person and existing in any public space is a political act, and we know it is not easy – so we want to create a safe(r) space for all LGBTIQ+ people and a place of empowerment.

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23. February


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