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A workshop on transformative practices in youth work

2. March 2019 od 10:0016:00

The Pride Parade Association invites you to a whole day workshop/mini-training for youth workers, intended for all of those who work with groups of young people and that encounter hate speech and various forms of hatred towards marginalized and stigmatized social groups in the context of work.

In Slovenia, young people witness the growing pressures and negative consequences of the various forms of violence experienced by their peers.

Hate speech is one of the most powerful means of discrimination, especially because it is difficult to define it, and therefore harder to recognize it, often people do not know how to address it. But even when we take these steps, the questions remain: How can the occurrence of hate speech be transformed? How to transform the working environment so that there is no hate speech? Where does hate speech come from and what are the reasons for it? We will try to answer these and other questions together.

The workshop is a continuation of the previous workshop Transformation of Hate Speech, conducted by the Pride Parade association. Having been part of the previous workshop is NOT a condition for participation.

The basic workshop deals with the identification, response and transformation of hate speech, and the follow-up workshop focuses on and deepens into transformational practices concretely.

This session is a test run of the workshop, so we invite everyone who is interested to join us and help us create the best possible workshop for all those who work with young people.


The objectives of the workshop are to:

– Learn about the concept of transformation in the context of youth work;

– Find out in what ways the phenomenon of hate speech is embedded in wider patterns of social inequality;

– Reflect on how youth work recreates wider social structures;

– Acquire transformational skills as a process that requires time and support;

– Acquire concrete tools of self-reflection, which will help them address the situations of hate speech.

Registration to the workshop is required. HERE 

For more information, please contact us at info@ljubljanapride.org.



2. March 2019


Društvo Parada ponosa
031 330 162


Društvo Parada ponosa
Dunajska cesta 10
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