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Pride Parade Association



The Purpose of the Pride Parade Association  is to contribute to the establishment of a society that will be non-discriminatory, inclusive and open to all individuals, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, sexual identity or any other personal circumstance. It was established with the aim of safeguard the human rights and interests of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ+) population. The association acts as a youth, voluntary, independent and non-profit civil society organization.


Pride Parade Festival:

The first Pride Parade that was organized by the Ljubljana Pride Parade Association was in 2009. Since then, it matured into an international cultural and political festival of LGBTIQ+ culture with a distinctly political note. It peaks with the annual Pride Parade, which concludes with the public presentation of the LGBTIQ+ community's political demands to people in positions of power, institutions and the wider society. Its aim is to break the silence and the suppression of homosexuality, to occupy public space, to present the life and work of the LGBTIQ+ community, and to promote human rights, equal opportunities and freedom of choice.



Representation of interests of LGBTIQ + youth and more::

As an association, Ljubljana Pride Parade represents a marginalized social group of young LGBTIQ+ people, and articulates their needs in society. As the organizer of the annual Pride Parade, it also assumes the role of articulating the broader social interests and rights of the LGBTIQ + community in Slovenia. It is positioned as an organization that fights all forms of racism, discrimination, homophobia and other social formations based on subjugation.


Mobilization and volunteering:

Since its beginning, the association has been working exclusively with the help of volunteer work, so the management structure as the bearers of the whole program and activities are the volunteers. More than 100 young volunteers are involved in the Festival.


Who we are

  • Simona Muršec


  • Eva Sajovic

    Member of the management board

  • Ana Žekar

    Project associate

  • Mateja Morić

    Project coordinator

  • Jessica Martinez C. Lima

    Member of the management board

  • Jadry Kokot

    Project Coordinator

  • Nina Perger

    Member of the management board

  • Hana Gärtner

    Graphic designer

  • Neja Berlič

    Project associate

  • Katja Štefanec

    ESC Volunteer and Member of…

  • Rianne

    System administration

  • Tadeja Pirih


  • Didi Šišič

    ESC volunteer

  • Teja Zajc

    ESC volunteer

  • Asja Novak

    ESC volunteer

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